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Helicopter Night Vision Solutions and Tier-1 Helicopters operate under an FAA Approved Motion Picture Manual. This allows us to waive certain parts of 14 CFR Part 91 for the purpose of motion picture production. We have a very large selection of helicopters at our disposal. Please contact us today to find out more!

Our Services Set Us Apart

A private pilot license is where most pilots begin their training, and this will allow you to fly many helicopters day or night under visual flight rules (VFR) with passengers.

We have some of the most experienced Flight Instructors around. Call us today if you are interested in obtaining this certification, we can take care of this for you!

An Instrument Rating is an add-on to your existing Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate that allows you to fly in IFR conditions (which can include flying in or through clouds, low visibility, etc). Call today to learn more.

If you are looking to begin a career as a helicopter pilot, a Commercial Pilot Certificate will be your next step towards this goal. Learn more about what is required to fly as an EMS Pilot, corporate aviation jobs, and more.

5 Stars

I have flown with Owner/Chief Instructor Freddie Briggs through the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation for the past 5 years. He is a fine man with a warm heart, sunny disposition and selfless commitment to providing unparalleled flight training in helicopter operations! Helicopter Night Vision Solutions and now Tier-1 Helicopters has a solid track record of producing highly competent aviators in the most efficient, affordable and enjoyable program around. Over the past several years I have watched the school grow into a sought after program that you will enjoy being a part of. You will definitely have no trouble passing the FAA practical test, in any stage of your training goals. When considering Helicopter Flight Training, I would spend my money with Tier-1 Helicopters, for the Efficiency and Overwhelming Proficiency that their Program Provides. For all your Helicopter Service Needs…Fly with Tier-1…You Will Always Be Better For The Experience! Highly Recommended!

-J.E.B. H.
5 Stars

You will not find a finer helicopter instructor anywhere. Tier-1 Helicopter’s professionalism and airmanship unsurpassed.

-Kevin H.
5 Stars

Great organization, professional and customer oriented.

-Bobby V.
5 Stars

Freddie and the crew at Tier-1 Helicopters are absolute professionals and a great group to work with.

-Cody W.
5 Stars

If you’re looking for a small business that truly cares about their students, Tier-1 Helicopters is the way to go. Freddie is very professional and truly enjoys what he does. He likes to make sure you’re having a good time while learning to fly. Highly recommend.

-Megan W.

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Tier-1 Helicopters would be glad to answer any of your questions that you may still have. Feel free to contact one of our experts today to help guide you with your journey.

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Tier-1 Helicopters is committed to quality and service, and we offer so much more than flight training. Our helicopter services include movie production, sight-seeing, and passenger transportation. We also partner with local law enforcement agencies to serve as a liaison for helicopter operations and provide initial and recurrent training.