Flight Training

Helicopter Flight Training

Tier-1 Helicopters is the premier helicopter training company in the southeast with locations in Hampton GA, Auburn AL, and Gainesville FL. We are a 14 CFR part 61 flight school and we serve as a one-stop-shop for all of your helicopter needs. Our services include flight training for private, commercial, CFI, CFII, ATP, add-on ratings, and much more.

We primarily train in the Robinson R44 Raven II series helicopter. The R44 is utilized by many operators worldwide and is one of the most readily available helicopters in the market. Our equipment is meticulously maintained to factory standards by factory-trained personnel.

Tier-1 Helicopters is committed to providing you with the safest, most thorough training available. Our location provides a great training area for new students as well as experienced aviators. We offer tactical flight training and night vision goggle training as well. Many of our flight instructors flew with the US Army and have a wealth of knowledge we would love to pass on to you!

To begin flight training, call us or visit https://www.flightcircle.com/shop/5ad37d790257 to book your intro flight.


A private pilot license is where most pilots begin their training, and this will allow you to fly many helicopters day or night under visual flight rules (VFR) with passengers.

If you are looking to begin a career as a helicopter pilot, a Commercial Pilot Certificate will be your next step towards this goal. Learn more about what is required to fly as an EMS Pilot, corporate aviation jobs and more.

An Instrument Rating is an add-on to your existing Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate that allows you to fly in IFR conditions (which can include flying in or through clouds, low visibility, etc). Call today to learn more.

We have some of the most experienced Flight Instructors around. Call us today if you are interested in obtaining this certification, we can take care of this for you!