Helicopter Rental

Helicopter Rental

So, you’ve got your pilot’s license. Now, it’s time to put it to use! The Tier-1 Helicopters Rental Program is here to give you the opportunity to build your hours toward advanced certificates, visit new places, take friends and family on flights or just do some flying for fun!


In order to ensure that safety is the first priority in our rental program, we’ve established policies that allow us to confidently rent our aircraft to approved pilots.

ALL Tier-1 Helicopters renters must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Current 3rd Class Medical Certificate (Minimum)
  • Current Private Pilot’s License (Minimum)
  • Mandatory Currency Flight In Make and Model within the Past 45 or 180 Days (with a SAH CFI)
  • Compliance with All FAA Requirements
  • Aircraft Specific Checkout Flight and Interview*

*Aircraft Specific Checkout Flight and Interview

Each potential renter MUST complete a checkout flight with a SAH CFI in the helicopter make and model they wish to be cleared to rent. During this flight, the CFI will be looking for competency in a variety of areas including basic procedures, emergency procedures, communication, decision making skills and more. Prior to the checkout flight, the CFI will interview the potential renter as well. The combination of the interview and the flight are intended to allow Tier-1 Helicopters to have a clear understanding of the skills and abilities of the pilot.

The SAH CFI will have the option of requiring more training prior to being admitted to the Rental Program or placing the renter in one of our Rental Tiers. Each tier has limitations and requirements associated with it to ensure that renters are flying at their level of competency. This is as much for the renter’s safety as anyone else’s! If a potential renter is not allowed into the program, the SAH CFI will work with the potential renter to develop a training plan that will prepare them to be a Renter. Similarly, renters placed in the first tier will be provided with an individualized plan that will allow them to move up to the next tier.

Tier-1 Helicopters RENTAL TIERS

The two rental tiers for Tier-1 Helicopters Rental Program have been developed with safety and the continued development of the SAH Renter in mind.

 Currency Flight with SAH CFI Every 45 Days  Currency Flight with Rogue CFI Every 180 Days
 No More Than 21 Days Since Prior Flight*  No More Than 45 Days Since Prior Flight*
 Wind Limitations: 15 kts Sustained / 5 kts Gust Spread  Wind Limitations: SFAR Limitations if Under 200 Hours
 VFR Conditions Applied Across Flight Route (3 Statute Miles Visibility, 1,000’ Above Clouds, 500’ Below Clouds, 2,000’ Horizontal) Weather Conditions applicable to operating airspace.
 Must Have 5 Hours Solo PIC Prior to Taking Passengers** Weather Conditions applicable to operating airspace.

In addition to the items listed above, we require $35,000.00 worth of hull damage insurance for the R44.Tier-1 Helicopters must be listed as additional insured.

* If requirement is not met, Currency Flight with a Tier-1 Helicopters CFI is required and will reset the 60 or 90 day requirement.
** Five hour minimum. Up to 10 hours at the discretion of the SAH CFI.