We are extremely excited to announce the location of our official home base in Hampton, Georgia. We offer flight instruction, aircraft rentals, motion picture production, law enforcement training, and Night Vision Goggle training.

Our services set us apart.


A private pilot license is where most pilots begin their training, and this will allow you to fly many helicopters day or night under visual flight rules (VFR) with passengers.


If you are looking to begin a career as a helicopter pilot, a Commercial Pilot Certificate will be your next step towards this goal. Learn more about what is required to fly as an EMS Pilot, corporate aviation jobs, and more.


An Instrument Rating is an add-on to your existing Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate that allows you to fly in IFR conditions (which can include flying in or through clouds, low visibility, etc). Call today to learn more.


We have some of the most experienced Flight Instructors around. Call us today if you are interested in obtaining this certification, we can take care of this for you!


Tier-1 Helicopters provide aircraft for use for aerial photography services. We provide an affordable platform for real estate, property development, weddings, aerial cinematography, and much more.


Take your film to the skies with Tier-1 Helicopters! We have an approved Federal Aviation Administrative (FAA) Motion Picture Manual and Certificate of Waiver that is required for Aerial Cinematography and Motion Picture Production. Our crews have years of experience flying as well as providing aerial coordination for Television Production, Movie Shoots, NetFlix Series and much more.

We are capable of providing a camera ship, action aircraft, and drone footage. We have access to highly versatile, top-of-the-line equipment, aircraft, and crewmembers. We service virtually anywhere in the United States and we collaborate with filmmakers to hand-select the best camera systems and aircraft based on production needs and requests.


Helicopter Night Vision Solutions dba Tier-1 Helicopters is capable of conducting Night Vision Goggle (NVG) training and NVG Pilot-in-Command endorsements. We pride ourselves in the fact that our staff has over 3000 hours of combined NVG experience in some of the toughest flying environments worldwide.


We currently partner with Law Enforcement Agencies to provide initial and recurrent training in NVG operations, tactical training, fast rope insertions, rappelling operations, and much more.


We have our own ANVIS 9 Gen 3 NVG’s available on a limited basis. If you are looking to try out some NVG flying without making a large investment, we have you covered. 

Come check us out!

Located at 474 Speedway Blvd, Hampton, GA 30228 (770) 851-1725

Tier-1 Helicopters is committed to quality and service, and we offer so much more than flight training. Our helicopter services include movie production, sightseeing, and passenger transportation. We also partner with local law enforcement agencies to serve as a liaison for helicopter operations and provide initial and recurrent training.